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Bridal Hats and Headwear

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life and a
beautiful bridal headpiece, complementing both your gown and your facial shape, will be the piece de resistance.

For the bride who already knows exactly what she wants, Ascot Hats will provide the reality. Pamela will personally advise on design, fabric and accoutrements for the client who has yet to make her choices.

Pamela orchestrates individual bridal headpieces for all members of the bridal party. Her speciality is exquisite hand made silk flowers which can be made from the same silk as the gowns worn by the bride and her bridesmaids.>To see more blooms go to 'Ascot Hats Blooms'

Cathedral Veil of silk tulle

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Bridal Ascot Hats 'Pure Ivory' silk rose on headbnd also available in brilliant white. AU$440

                                                     Ascot Hats 'Winter Bride' AU$450

                                                    Ascot Hats 'Pure Spring' AU$590

                                                 Bridal Ascot Hats 'Pristine' AU$600

                                               Bridal Ascot Hats 'White Devil' AU$390

                                                Bridal Ascot Hats 'Royal Bride' AU$450

                                                Bridal Ascot Hats 'Royal Bride' AU$450

                                                   Ascot Hats 'Princess Kate' $390

                                                Bridal Ascot Hats 'Princess Kate' AU$390

                                              Bridal Ascot Hats 'Silver Moon' AU$440

                                                 Bridal Ascot Hats 'Silver Moon' AU$440

Bridal Ascot Hats 'Ivory Copy Cat' AU$600

                                              Ascot Hats 'Ivory Heart Beat' AU$490

                                            Bridal Ascot Hats 'Heart Beat' AU$490

                                                 Ascot Hats 'First Spring' AU$450


                                                     Ascot Hats 'Easter Bride' AU$440

Bridal Ascot Hats 'Spring Bride' 14 silk hand painted roses with doves and silk veil trim. POA

                                  Bridal Ascot Hats 'Peace' hand painted silk rose AU$450

                               Bridal Ascot Hats 'Double Delight' hand painted silk roses AU$595


Ascot Hats Bridal also designs for the mothers of the bride and groom. Pamela will create original headwear for the discerning mothers who wish to complement the bridal party whilst maintaining their individual style.




                                                Bridal Ascot Hats 'Heart Throb' AU$490

                                             Ascot Hats 'Ladies Day' silk roses AU$395

                                                      Ascot Hats 'Bare' lace AU$350

                                               Ascot Hats 'Tea Roses' silk pillbox AU$450

                                     ASCOT HATS BRIDAL with a DIFFERENCE


                                                    Bridal Ascot Hats 'Madrid' AU$390

                                                    Bridal Ascot Hats 'Madrid' AU$390


Individual custom made bridal headpieces. A specialty of Ascot Hats is exquisite hand made silk flowers which can be made from the same silk as the bridal and bridesmaids' gowns.

                                           Ascot Hats 'Spring Bride' POA

Ascot Hats 'Double Delight' Peoples Choice winner at Queensland Brides Design Awards 2012

Ascot Hats "PrinceSS Kate' 

Ascot Hats "Autumn Bride' POA

                                                      Ascot Hats 'Champagne' AU$275

                              Ascot Hats 'Bridal Twins' AU$450 'Champagne' AU$275

Ascot Hats 'Blush' AU$820 and 'Champagne' AU$275


                                                  Ascot Hats 'Champagne' AU$275


The groom and groomsmen can be catered for with hats and matching flowers for their button hole.

                                                 Ascot Hats 'Gentleman' fedora AU$300

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