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Ascot Hats - 2010

While the Winter 2010 collection focused primarily on the social calendar of Queensland’s Winter Racing Carnival, Ascot Hats specialises in individual millinery creations with collections reflecting the diverse seasons and features of Australia. Each collection is designed to suit the Queensland climate while remaining in vogue with current European trends ensuring their suitability for the southern Racing Carnivals. To see more Ascot Hats, click through the Blog Archive posts.

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Ascot Hats creations designed on strong lines inspired by Australian birds of prey

Ascot Hats 'Crocks' elegant velvet pillbox with feather trims.

Ascot Hats 'Rusky' a classic velvet pillbox with fur trim.

Ascot Hats 'Opal Fire' velvet fascinator trimmed with feather arrows.

Ascot Hats 'Purple Mist' felt pillbox with silk rose and feather trim.

Ascot Hats 'Crocodile' velvet pillbox with silk roses and feather trim.

Ascot Hats 'Black Opal' a striking structured turban in black velvet with satin lining.

Ascot Hats 'Hunter' traditional felt fedora with feather trims.

Ascot Hats 'Soot' structured silk velvet fascinator with rose and feather trim.

'Derby Roses' and 'Soot'

Ascot Hats 'Fireworks' velvet fascinator with feather feature trim.

Ascot Hats 'Quandong' felt fascinator with 5 silk roses.

'Ayer' and 'Night Owl'

Ascot Hats 'Crane' bold black and white striped jinsin hat with pheasant feather trim.
See more race-wear hats on the 'Ascot Hats Race-wear' post.

Ascot Hats 'Predator' a bold black and white jinsin hat inspired by the Australian black and white birds of prey.

Ascot Hats 'Kyte Spirit' dramatic jinsin hat inspired by soaring flight.

Ascot Hats 'Fire Bird' vivid red braid and jinsin hat inspired by graceful flight.

Ascot Hats 'Galah Spirit' jinsin hat with felt trim inspired by galah flocks in Central Australia.

Ascot Hats 'White Kyte' jinsin and feather hat inspired by swooping flight.


Traditional Fedora in black felt with feather trim for the gentleman $250


Brisbane Exhibition week features the 'Ekka' races at Eagle Farm, a good excuse to dress up for the last of the winter racing season.

Ascot Hats 'Kyte' felt and feather fascinator featured in the Courier Mail 16 July 2010 and "Early Spring' for Ekka day at the Eagle Farm race track.


More excitement with a Fashions on the Field win for Ascot Hats on Stradbroke Day. Milly wearing the 'Night Owl' looked beautiful winning first runner-up. A felt and feather hat, as seen in the Courier Mail online gallery.

The girls are in fine form enjoying Stradbroke Day at the track. Milly Ziesemer celebrates her Fashions on the Field prize wearing Ascot Hat 'Night Owl'. She is congratulated by Elspeth Barker wearing Ascot Hat, 'Black Jack',  as seen in the Queensland Countrylife 17 June 2010.

Milly is on a winner! She watches the Stradbroke Handicap at Eagle Farm wearing 'Night Owl'. To see more winners click through to 'Ascot Hats Model Millinery'.


A crowd of the racing industry's best dressed ladies were entertained by a parade of Ascot Hats at 'The Women in Racing' lunch, Gold Coast Turf Club May 2010.  The girls wear veiled Ascot Hats for the lunch, 'Rose Gold' and 'Mantilla'


The grand opening night of Unleashed 2010 'Fashioned' exhibition of emerging designers that featured the 'Pelican Collection' at the Artisan Gallery in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, April - June. The millinery designs by Pamela Cameron were inspired by the Australian outback where the effects of flood in the channel country and the arid centre. The harsh beauty and colours of the landscape were combined with the current European trends to create a unique Australian style.

Ascot Hats gets front page press on the cover of MX 10 August 2010 during MBFF Brisbane Fashion Week. Ascot Hats 'Night Owl' styled with Ziesemer designed bodysuit.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ascot Hats Blooms Theme


Ascot Hats has its own distinctive style with exquisite hand made silk blooms being a speciality. The blooms are hand tooled and painted petal by petal for that exclusive, custom made look. Eack bloom is an original creation which can match the wearer's ensemble perfectly.

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                                                      Ascot Hats 'Copycat' AU$600.00

                                              Ascot Hats 'Sun Chrysanthemum' AU$335.00

                                       Ascot Hats 'Spring Chrysanthemum' AU$335.00

                                            Ascot Hats 'Fire Chrysanthemum' AU$400.00

                                             Ascot Hats 'Night Chrysanthemum' AU$400.00

                                         Ascot Hats 'Evening Chrysanthemum' AU$400.00

                                                   Ascot Hats 'Embers' AU$440.00

                                                    Ascot Hats 'Guineas' AU$440.00

                                                    Ascot Hats 'Derby Roses' POA

                                                   Ascot Hats 'Purple Night' AU$490.00

                                                  Ascot Hats 'Double Delight' AU$450.00

                                                  Ascot Hats 'Spring Bride' POA

Ascot Hats 'Orange Spring Lady' AU$450

Ascot Hats fascinators

Ascot Hats brings a unique brand of sophistication and originality to classic millinery utilising innovative techniques, exceptional workmanship and individuality that makes a ‘statement’. Each fascinator is an exclusive so no matter what the occasion, custom made or off the hook, Ascot Hats can make your dream fascinator a reality.
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Ascot Hats  'Princess Kat'

Ascot Hats 'Zebra'

Ascot Hats 'Eyeliner'

Ascot Hats 'Mysterious Night'

Ascot Hats 'Damage'

Ascot Hats 'Parisian Night'

Ascot Hats 'Berry Guineas'

Ascot Hats 'Fireworks'

Ascot Hats 'Rosa' silk rose and feather fascinator.

Ascot Hats 'Spring Chrysanthemum'

Ascot Hats 'Evening Chrysanthemum'

Ascot Hats 'Purpurlina'

Ascot Hats 'Gold Nugget' French linen and crinnolin fascinator.

Ascot Hats 'Breakaways' silk covered fascinator with pheasant feather trim from the 'Pelican Collection'. To see the full collection click on older posts and go the Ascot Hats 'Pelican Collection'.

Ascot Hats 'Solstice'

Ascot Hats 'Cool Cat'

Ascot Hats 'Tyto'

Ascot Hats 'Winter Cat'