Friday, June 18, 2010

Ascot Hats racewear

Ascot Hats is the name for show-stopping hats unlike any others to be seen trackside. Coming from a racing background herself Pamela Cameron has spent a lifetime on the track and subsequently Fashions on the Field has become a mainstay event throughout her life creating a keen eye from a young age of what worked trackside and what simply did not! Whether it be a ready-to-wear or a custom made design, Ascot Hats will provide you with personalized service to co-ordinate and accessorise your complete race day look. You will receive an outstanding creation that will more than meet your requirements.
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Ascot Hats 'Autumn Derby' and 'Derby Dazzler'

Ascot Hats 'Atoll'

Ascot Hats 'Southern Cross'

Ascot Hats 'Gold Coast'

Ascot Hats 'Black Caviar'

Ascot Hats 'Purple Night' and 'Anemone'

Ascot Hats 'Python Mana'

Ascot Hats 'Daintree'

Ascot Hats 'Coral Reef'

Ascot Hats 'Main Beach' fine basket weave sinimay hat

Ascot Hats 'Purple Pedigree' basket weave straw hat with bird and feather trims.

Ascot Hats 'Derby Topper' straw top hat with silk roses veil and feather trim.

Ascot Hats 'Mirage' bias basket weave sinimay wide brimmed hat with silver silk roses and veil trim

Ascot Hats 'Mirage'

Ascot Hats 'Sundown' custom made French straw wide brimmed hat with black silk roses and veil trim. To see more custom made hats go to 'Ascot Hats Model Millinery' post.

Ascot Hats 'Embers' elegant wide brim velvet and braid hat with silk roses and veil trims.

Ascot Hats 'Derby Roses'


The notion of individualism and glamour has become the foundation philosophy of Ascot Hats. The hats are hand made in a private studio in Ascot, Brisbane, Queensland. Each hat is individually created for both custom made and an off the hook range that is stocked in several outlets in South East and Northern Queensland.

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