Saturday, July 16, 2011


Spring in Australia showcases the very best of millinery fashion for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The race that stops a nation sends everyone into a hat frenzy from the last days of winter to the first Tuesday in November!  The spring racing season culminates at the magnificant Flemington race course for hugh days of racing featuring the Victorian Derby, Melbourne Cup, The Oaks and The Stakes. Each day of the carnival has a dress code for the fashions on the field.

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Elegant black and white is the theme at Flemington on Victorian Derby Day!

Ascot Hats 'Derby Love'n Lace' AU$550 (sold)

Ascot Hats 'Derby Love'n Lace' AU$550 (sold)

Ascot Hats 'Derby Daydream' AU$600 

Ascot Hats 'Mysterious Spring Night' AU$550  (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Parisian Night' $AU420

Ascot Hats 'Pristine' AU$600

Ascot Hats 'Damage' AU$450  (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Silver Reef' AU$350  

Ascot Hats 'Madrid' AU$650 

Ascot Hats 'Carbon Roses' AU$500 

Ascot Hats 'Silhouette' AU$290 

Ascot Hats 'White Devil' AU$390.00

Ascot Hats 'Wicked' AU$390 

Ascot Hats 'Bastille' AU$200

Ascot Hats 'Silver Night' AU$335 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'French Summer' AU$650  (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'French Summer' $650 (sold) 

Melbourne Cup Day over-the-top fashion is the theme at Flemington!


Ascot Hats 'Provence' AU$590

                                                Ascot Hats 'Magnetic' AU$490 (sold) 

                                                Ascot Hats 'Ablaze' AU$790 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Ablaze' AU$790 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Summer Fun' AU$675 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Morange' AU$275 

Ascot Hats 'Envy' AU$390 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Spring Chrysanthemum' AU$335 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Fireworks' AU$440 (sold) 

Oaks Day - feminine fashion and pink roses are the theme at Flemington!

Ascot Hats 'Early Spring' AU$450

Ascot Hats 'Oaks Day' AU$490 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Pure Spring' AU$590 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Midnight' AU$325

Ascot Hats 'Midnight Dream' AU$390 (sold) 

Stakes Day - red roses are the theme at Flemington.

Ascot Hats 'Stakes Day' AU$495 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Fire Storm' AU$490

Ascot Hats 'High Summer Chrysanthemum' AU$390 (sold) 

Ascot Hats 'Summer Chrysanthemum' AU$390

Ascot Hats 'Sunrise Chrysanthemum' AU$335


The Australian Millinery Assocation and Victorian Racing Club host Hatstravagance millinery parade to showcase the very best of Australian millinery. Ascot Hats is proud to exhibit at Hatstravagance where that all improtant quest to have the 'best hat' for the carnival is paramount.

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