Monday, December 27, 2010

Ascot Hats- 2011 Summer

The 2010-11 season has seen some exotic millinery creations featured at outstanding events including the Spring Racing Carnival at Melbourne and Magic Millions Carnival at the Gold Coast. 
Ascot Hats Summer 2011 Magic Millions Collection is available now.

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The heat is on during Queenslanl's high summer with all the excitement of the Magic Millions Carnival at the Gold Coast Turf Club. Be there at Magic Millions in your Ascot Hat to get that winning feeling!

'Predator' POA

'Reef Garden' AU$660 (sold) 

'Octopus' AU$490 (sold) 

'Stinger' AU$490

'Fresh' AU$690 (sold) 

'Stone Fish' AU$550 (sold) 

'Gold Coast' AU$550

'Anemone' AU$660 (sold) 

'Purple Night' AU$440(sold) and 'Anemone' AU$660 (sold) 

'Purple Night' AU$440 (sold) 

'Broadwater' AU$660 (sold)  

'Stingray' AU$760

'Barrier Reef' AU$300 (sold) 

'Coral Reef' AU$500 (sold) 

'Eddies' AU$490 (sold) 

'Starfish' AU$490

'Whirlpool' AU$500 (sold) 

'Ocean' AU$550 (sold) 

'Daintree' AU$550 (sold) 

'Big Red' AU$660 (sold) 

'Nesting' AU$500

'Nesting' AU$500

'Black Widow' AU$440 (sold) 


Magic Millions 2010

'Predator' at Fashions on the Field Magic Millions 2011

Ascot Hat 'Sun and Sea' at Fashions on the Field Magic Millions 2011

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